October 2nd 2020 Dobilo Team meeting face-2-face (Rijsbergen NL)

July 3rd 2020 Associate Partners meeting face-2-face (Rijsbergen NL)

March 20th 2020 Associate Partners meeting (Webinar due to Covid-19)

January 10th 2020 Annual shareholder meeting (at Rotterdam HQ)

November 19th 2019 Associate Partner Webinar

October 11th 2019 Associate Partners meeting (Rijsbergen NL)

August 19th 2019 Partners strategy meeting (Alphen NL)

April 4th / 5th 2019 Associate Partner event (Antwerp)

June 4/5th 2018 Associate Partner event (Brussels)

March 7th 2018 Dobilo BV officially launched (at Rotterdam HQ)

November 7-9th 2017 Partners agreement established (Lago Largo, Gandolfo, Italy)

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