We offer 'boutique' style consultancy focused on end-to-end supply chains.
Boutique stands for a unique and customized project approach in which 
multidisciplinary independent experts operate jointly investing their time to achieve
Business Excellence.



Alliance 3 tier approach

Our approach is different in many respects; we see ourselves as collaborators, challengers, facilitators, investors and less as advisors. Sustainability, key in our shared values, requires long-term thinking. Therefore we strive to create a long term relationship with like-minded companies. In helping to make the desired turnaround we invest more and more of our time, to build the trust from you in us and us in you. We only benefit, when the company benefits. We'd expect from the companies we work with that (additional) profits are to be invested in becoming climate-neutral or beyond.

April 2020 Our 3-tier offering is our standard however in these COVID-19 times we understand we need to adept and are willing to invest, at our risk, to help companies struggling to survive or struggling to see their way in a new world. Contact us for a preliminary review of what your company lacks in skills, experience or plain hands to get out of the crises in the best way.

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1. Deep scan*

Opportunity mapping

Map resource, waste, transport and energy flows. Tie financials with operations on transactional levels.

Future-Proofing: a fresh pair of eyes to unlock your resources by finding concrete possibilities to enable funding of future investments for a lasting impact. Robustness Testing of preferred solutions w.r.t. most likely scenarios.

A defined period of time for a list of opportunities against a fixed fee.

2. Proof of concept

Singled-out opportunity

Targeted at a lasting impact with clear metrics to measure progress and success.

Deploying the best suitable team, gaining mutual trust and build confidence from perfect execution on both sides. Accelerating implementation with a strong focus on removing everyday obstacles with your team.

A defined period of time and a defined outcome against a fixed fee, making a long-term partnership the logical next step.

3. Build a joint future

A true alliance

Capitalize together on opportunities found, through multi-year collaborations.

Flexible scaling of DOBILO resources with limited risk as projects are self-funded through benefits achieved. Our proven methods such as DFSS, 5D (MBM®), DOE, Lean and Kata are all transferable to your team.

Defined targets and timings, with DOBILO sharing in on the benefits from improved performance.

* the Deep Scan methodology

'Mapping the Island of Opportunities'

Future Proofing Robustness Testing

The aim of the first steps in our Deep Scan is to learn, remove any red tape in your company to better see already known opportunities, what efforts are required and what results to be truly expected, and adding so-far 'hidden' opportunities. In a final workshop the leadership and the joint team can decide upon the right order, resources and timing of old and newly distilled initiatives. Dobilo's role is to explore, facilitate, challenge, keep it fact-based and also see how effective your teams are operating as well as see if there is a fit in company cultures (beliefs and behaviour).